Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is generally the first step in identifying potential environmental liabilities that may be associated with a property. This typically includes a review of present and historical activities at the site, historical aerial photographs and maps, interviews with knowledgeable employees, and a site reconnaissance visit.

A Phase I ESA may be carried out as a condition of property sale, transfer or financing, or to identify actual and potential site contamination. The methodology used by S2S Environmental is based upon the CSA Standard Z768-01 and its periodic updates. If required, S2S Environmental can modify the Phase I ESA methodology to include client specific client requirements (e.g. CMHC).

Our personnel at S2S Environmental have carried out thousands of Phase I ESAs across Canada and our reports are widely accepted at most financial institutions. We at S2S Environmental are well aware of the time constraints during real estate transactions and have a reputation of working with our clients to provide a quality report in an appropriate time period. We also provide Property Condition Assessments which are often conducted in conjunction with a Phase I ESA.