Site Remediation
S2S Environmental has extensive expertise and experience in environmental remediation, and provides a full range of services from excavation and offsite disposal to in-situ treatment at the property. We have been involved in the successful remediation of properties with contaminants ranging from petroleum hydrocarbons (former gas stations and heating fuel in underground storage tanks USTs) to dry cleaning solvents to heavy metals. S2S Environmental also has experience in working with financial institutions in ensuring their requirements are met to release any hold backs that may have been set aside pending successful remediation.

We have experience in managing excavation of contaminated soils within physically constrained areas including areas proximate to buried utilities and within building basements. There are a variety of in-situ methods that can be used for remediation depending on the contaminant of concern, site constraints and time frame. The following is a partial list:

  • Chemical oxidation through the injection of potassium permanganate, calcium hydroxide, and other reactive slurries into the subsurface;
  • Bioremediation through the addition of highly oxygenated water and/or chemical additives to stimulate microbial degradation of the contaminants;
  • Vapour extraction to remove vapour phase contaminants in the subsurface; and
  • Pump and treat to remove phase separated hydrocarbons and for removal of contaminated groundwater for above ground treatment.

S2S Environmental also has extensive experience in management of the removal of USTs and documentation to satisfy the requirements of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) in Ontario.